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Research done in 2015/2016

  1. North Central Province renal disease (presented).
  2. Effect of coconut milk and grated coconut on cholesterol level a case control study (published , presented).
  3. Cancer Survillance study of North and Eastern province.(Presented).
  4. Aspirin resistance in SriLanka (presented , published)
  5. Genetic Studies on Aspirin resistance in SriLanak (Being carried out presently).
  6. Strptococcus pneumonia infections and ultra structural changes in human mucosa.
  7. Pre harvest application of silicon and potassium on plant diseases.
  8. Ultra thin examinations of fibre material used for Navy boats .
  9. The study of morphological structures of pollen gravin with relation to common respiratory diseases due to allergies in urban colombo.
  10. Indentifying the bone Morphology of the Fractured Femoral Neck.