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      This page was last updated on 19.08.2016

  • MRI Virology unit established many NEW real time PCR essays over the past 11 months which benefit many patients also standardized and validated CMV real time PCR.
  •  BKV PCR assay for blood and urine (1st time in government sector)
  • EBV real time PCR essay for cancer patients (1st time in government & private sector)
  • Parvo virus PCR essay for the 1st time in Sri Lanka.
  • RSV realtime PCR assay for the 1st time in Sri Lanka for routine diagnosis (one instance university had performed conventional PCR for a research.)
  • This month we are planning to establish Adenovirus PCR & Parainfluenza real time PCR essays for routine diagnosis at our institution.


CMV MRI Request form PDF

BKV MRI Request form   PDF

CMV rtPCR MRI information 24.4.2014PDF

Statistics of Hepatitis ,Japanese encephalitis (IgM),Measles (IgM),Rubella (Fever & rash)-2014 upto AugestPDF