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  • MRI provides 24 hours inquiring facility and any person in need of information on sending samples will be available through the Resident Medical Laboratory Technologist (RMLT). This is a continued service with out any break and there are several RMRTs are working in a roster basis.
  • MRI also provide 24 hour sample receiving from any government hospital or institutes.  The authority of MRI guarantees that there will not be any delay when you hand over samples at the specimen countrer at any time of the day( 24 hours). This service is only offered for government institutions.
  • In addition in case of a rabid animal bite or when in suspicion, the head of the suspicious animal will be accepted any time of the day if the specimen is transported in a proper way.( Please refer the relevant section for more information)  


Instructions to the sample senders

All sample List updated 03.02.2017

Food and water samples

Entomology samples

Animal experimental samples

  • Electron Microscopic facility

The  facility is only available at MRI around the island.  This will help us to diagnose diseases and for research activities.

  • Aldo Castellany Auditorium MRI

MRI has a high-tech auditorium which is suitable for  various events and it is  fully equipped with best quality Multimedia projectors and sound systems

with fail-over solutions. It is one of the best auditoriums under the ministry of health with seating capacity of over 250.

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For bookings please contact  Mr Ajith Ranathunga  0112693532-34,   0112693527,  Mobile: 0779421346

Booking application form can be collected at Director's office MRI or click here.



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